A Call to Service

Dear Houston Investors Association Members:

For almost 8 years I’ve enjoyed the being your program chairman and
it is with regret that I am resigning effective December 31, 2008. As I
noted to you in mid 2007, I found that my health affected how much
attention and focus I could bring to the position. In the previous note
mailed to you, the leadership team pointed out how HIA is a great
organization and an important one to keep you informed during these
uncertain times. The club was founded 27 years ago and for over half
those years I’ve seen it weather many cycles. We’ve seen a lot
of speakers volunteer to present to HIA and we really learned a lot from
each one of them. Authors and experts in their field, many had national
reputations, like Jim Rogers, John Mauldin, and some from our area, e.g.
Carole Coal who called our attention to the beginning of Enron’s
demise. I have also made a great many friends who have helped immensely
in the jobs at HIA and in my life.

I attended monthly meetings for quite a while before being “called
to service”, first in the support of the web site and then a year or
so later as a full time program chairman. For almost 8 years I’ve
worked along with many members of HIA to bring interesting programs. I
must admit that having the leadership in this area gave me the latitude
to bring in experts in my own area which is technical analysis and

Speaking for the board, I hope you too will take the call to help by
volunteering to take this rewarding job for a while and bring “new
blood” and approaches to the club. I plan to help in the transition
by training and supporting the new Program Chairman as well having more
time to update the web site.

In gratitude,

Joseph E. Landry
15806 Manor Square Drive
Houston, Texas, 77062 – 4743