HIA is seeking your involvement

Members of Houston Investors Association,
At uncertain times like these we all need reliable information on investing and financial planning, and opportunities to air our ideas and ask questions. We believe that Houston Investors Association is one of the best organizations available to you and our community for this purpose, and we hope you agree. However, as with all non-profit volunteer organizations, HIA relies totally on its members for energy, ideas, and leadership. We have no paid staff, no CEO raking in the megabucks, and no one to look to but ourselves to keep the club vital.
As we approach the annual time to choose officers and members of the board of directors, we are actively seeking “new blood” who have an interest in helping HIA achieve its mission. A number of positions and volunteer roles are open for consideration (we will detail these in a subsequent message). You don’t have to be a financial professional or an investing whiz-kid to play an important part in HIA; common sense, interest in the HIA mission, and willingness to devote a few hours a month is what we need.
The board of directors hopes some of you will consider taking a leadership role and helping HIA help the Houston community achieve financial security.
If you want to discuss opportunities, please contact our president Cleve Fontenot atclevefontenot@comcast.net or 713-956-6755.
Please let Cleve also know if you would like to suggest the names of other members that you feel would make great officers for HIA.  This is an excellent way to identify members you feel would help drive the organization forward. 

Leigh Anderson
Houston Investors Association