Course: Gamma Scalping & Dynamic Hedging (Collars)

Course Title
Gamma Scalping & Dynamic Hedging (Collars)

17th May 2009, Sunday                                                        
Hours: 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.



University of Houston,
4800 Calhoun Drive, University Drive,
Entrance one,
TX – 77204
Tel – 713-741-2447

Quoted from 051709-Houston- Gamma scalping & Dynamic hedging (Collars)

To help you not break the GOLDEN RULE, IN TRADING: Don’t lose money!! To learn step-by-step methods of two very different strategies that have the common goal of helping you NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CURRENT RECESSION! They are placing collars on longer term trades and using the gamma scalping method to enhance the day trading of stock.
Level: Basic to Intermediate
Direct benefit to your trading:
For the larger, more conservative side of your portfolio, you’ll learn exactly how to maximize profits while protecting yourselves from downside disaster, by using Collar strategies. For the smaller, more speculative side of your portfolio, you’ll understand what GAMMA SCALPING is all about, why you will WANT to do this, what STEPS you’ll need to take and the TIMING of when to do it. A class manual, specific to this event, will be prepared for you and given to you at the door!
Suggested pre-requisites: Greeks class, all basic options classes
Additional ‘take home’ value:
Everyone talks about HEDGING. The collar method you will be shown is entitled, ‘Dynamic Hedging’ because it shows you how to constantly ADJUST your hedge to changing market conditions. These adjustments are the KEY to effective collars and are a MUST if you will trade long stock effectively.

Registration & Payment
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The cost for this seminar is $129 only. You could pay using Paypal or credit card using the SIGN UP link below. If you plan to pay at the door by a check, please make checks payable to “Deltheta, Inc.” Cash will also be accepted (although a check is so much easier on us). Whether you want to pay at the door or online, you still have to SIGN UP. This fee includes comprehensive handouts and worksheets. Credit card payments cannot be accepted at the door. If for some reason you are not able to access the Deltheta website, send an email to to register for the class.

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