SIG Agenda — May 9 2009

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Note: This month only the room assignments are different due to U of H conflicts. Changes noted in red below.

Houston Investors Association SIG Agenda May 9 2009

— 08:30 AM —————————————————————————————— Room

Stock Market SIG: SIG Leader: Al Robison 118

Stock Market Discussion. Bring your latest ideas.

Derivatives / Advanced Options SIG: SIG Leader: Jim McWilliams 129

James McWilliams will discuss Strangles and Straddles

Trading 101 SIG: SIG Leaders: John Godell and Ron Stockstill 138

30 min presentation: Big Picture Analysis

30 min presentation: What does it take to become an expert??

— 09:30 AM —————————————————————————————— Room

Special Situation SIG: SIG Leader: Gregor Riesser

Getting Started SIG: SIG Leader Leigh Anderson 118

Buy and Hope – Can we do better?

We will continue looking at simple (and not-so-simple) timing strategies.  See part one at

The prudent investor is conventionally advised to hold a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds, periodically rebalancing to fixed asset allocations, and not to attempt to time the market. We are told to invest in “Stocks for the Long Run”, notwithstanding “In the long run, we are all dead.” The current financial crisis invites us to re-examine this conventional wisdom and look for alternative strategies that might be more effective in volatile bearish or sideways markets over the next several years. We look at research that suggests a simple timing strategy may improve returns and reduce risk.

Mutual Fund SIG: SIG Leader: Jimmy Hixson 129

The Bull Is Alive and Well? Happy Days are here Again?

Fixed Income SIG: John Bott (Tri-Star Financial) 138

Economic outlook after Obama’s 1st 100 Days !