SIG Agenda — June 13 2009

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Houston Investors Association

SIG Agenda June 13 2009

– 08:30 AM ——————————————————————————————

Room 150

Stock Market SIG: SIG Leader: Al Robison

Jeff Friedberg will lead a discussion of the current state of the market. He’ll probably start with a review of his own picks and how they’ve done so far this year, but we can talk about any other aspect you might be interested in. Please bring your best questions and your best ideas to the discussion.

Room 110

Derivatives / Advanced Options SIG: SIG Leader:

Jim McWilliams

James McWilliams will discuss ratio spreads when and how to use them properly

Room 112

Trading 101 SIG: SIG Leaders: John Godell and

Ron Stockstill

Review the analysis for the “Big Picture”

Begin Reviewing Bill William’s Book New Dimensions In Traidng.

We will look at Chapters #3 & #4.

– 09:30 AM ——————————————————————————————

Room 110

Getting Started SIG: SIG Leader Leigh Anderson

The Ivy Portfolio

We will review the “Ivy Portfolio” by Mebane Farber, and discuss a comprehensive strategy for “hedge-fund-like returns” (minus the blow-ups) through a diversified and risk-managed portfolio of ETFs.

Room 112

Mutual Fund SIG: SIG Leader: Jimmy Hixson

The Magical McClellan Summation Pattern

Market Outlook

Room 150

Fixed Income SIG: John Bott (Tri-Star Financial)

Paul Gaylord, Tri-Star Financial Fixed Income Specialist