SIG Agenda July 11, 2009

Houston Investors Association

SIG Agenda July 11, 2009


Room 150

Stock Market SIG: SIG Leader: Al Robison

Al Robison will lead a discussion of the current state of the market, which looks like it might be close to at least a short term top. Are there any stocks out there that still look like they might be compelling buys right now? Please bring your best ideas to share with the group.


Room 110

Derivatives / Advanced Options SIG: SIG Leader:

Steve Johnson & Jim McWilliams

We are going to talk about why you would want to trade options.

We will compare a stock trade against a straight option and a call spread.  We will discuss on an intermediate level.


Room 112

Trading 101 SIG: SIG Leaders:

John Godell and Ron Stockstill


Topic:  Bill Williams Books #1 & #2:  We will discuss, using definitions and examples, the use of a market compass and how the fractal and market leverage is combined and used in conjunction with the compass.  We will explore the definitions and examples in book #1 & #2. Both will work well for you depending on your charting software.

Another look at the "Big Picture" are we at high tide, is the tide about to change?



Room 150

Getting Started SIG: SIG Leader Leigh Anderson


Today we have an "open forum" and cover a menagerie of topics of current interest. We’ll take a look at current market valuations, the "Golden Cross", the "New Normal", what it takes to retire today, and anything the group wants to take up.





Room 110

Mutual Fund SIG: SIG Leader: Jimmy Hixson


Topic: David Rosenberg (Former Merrill Chief Economist)

What is the New Normal for the Economy?  An Educated guess on what the future holds.




Room 112

Fixed Income SIG: John Bott (Tri-Star Financial)


Topic: Now that deflation is here what do we do?