Download: Investing in 2010: A Global Glimpse (Jim Willis, Beacon Bay Asset Mgmt)

Download the Presentation from the Feb. 13 2010 meeting

Jim Willis, Beacon Bay Asset Mgmt

Beacon Bay Asset Mgmt LLC, is a Dallas, TX, based Registered Investment Advisory in both Texas and Georgia.  The managing member is Jim Willis.

Jim founded Beacon Bay in May, 2005 and manages assets for private clients and businesses.  He holds a BA and MA in Psychology from Western Kentucky University.

Jim spent 22 years in global telecom travelling extensively around the world.  In 2002 he joined AG Edwards & Sons as a Financial Advisor prior to founding Beacon Bay.  His focus in investing is on value and uses both fundamental and technical analysis and options to manage investments.

Topic:  Investing in 2010: A Global Glimpse.

The talk will focus on the current state of the US economy and where investors might focus specifically around the globe outside the domestic markets.  Primary interest will be in natural resources and why that area should perform well this year.  He is an excellent presenter and will offer his forecast for this year.    Jim is currently the Speaker Chairman for the Dallas Investors Forum and speaks to groups around the US.  He will offer a unique perspective on where and why he invests in natural resources.