Seeking Leader(s) for the Stock Market SIG

HIA Members:

The HIA Board is seeking suggestion you might have as to a possible leader or co-leaders for the Stock Sig. If we could get 2 people then they could share the responsibilities. Guest speakers from time to time provides variety to the programming.

Here are some suggested ideas that the Stock Market SIG leader can use: 

  • Leader of the discussion in the Stock Market SIG.
  • Give perspective of the current direction of the market (May quote sources of
  • market timing guru’s).
  • Present equities recently purchased or is currently evaluating.
  • Solicit ideas from the audience on equity ideas and recent investments they have
  • made.
  • Present ideas in income producing equities such as MLPs, REITs, dividend stocks,
  • closed end funds, etc.
  • Present ideas on other equity investments such as growth stocks and IBD stocks.
  • Arrange for guest speakers to the SIG such as Jeff Friedberg and his group.

Please email Jimmy Hixson  any suggestions 

Please join the Board in expressing our gratitude to Al Robison who has been the leader for the Stock Sig for many years.