HIA Meeting September 14: Experience with Value Investing

HIA Meeting September 14: Experience with Value Investing

Kevin Churchill, individual value investor, will describe his investment methodology and his impressive results over a lifetime of investing. 

Main program begins at 11.00. SIG programs begin at 8.30.

HIA’s September 14, 2013 Agenda

— 08:30 AM —

Stock Market SIG: Speaker: Cleve Fontenot & Bill McBride

Topic: “Income Portfolio Review”

Following a quick review of the IBD (CANSLIM) and Friedberg portfolios, Cleve Fontenot and Bill McBride will review in detail the selected stocks of the Income portfolio.

Trading 101 SIG: Speakers: John Godell & Ron Stockstill

Topic: “Big Picture, Trading Work Sheet, Position Sizing Software”

John Godell and Ron Stockstill will review the Big Picture, discuss the Trading Work Sheet and work with Position Sizing Software.

— 09:30 AM —

ETF & Market Outlook SIG: Speaker: Jimmy Hixson

Topic: “We are in a New Secular Bull Market”

Fixed Income SIG: Speaker: John Bott – Tri-Star Financial

Topic: “Capitalism for First Graders”

— 10:45 AM —

Club Business: Speaker: Gus Salinas

 — 11:00 AM —

Main Meeting: Featured Speaker: Kevin Churchill – Private Investor

Topic: “Value Investing”

This month’s presentation is an actual case study of value investing discipline over more than two decades. Two Charles Schwab accounts are examined. CAGR in both accounts over the life of the accounts (27 years and 14 years respectively) is in the mid-teens.

Kevin holds (what some may consider) controversial views on portfolio concentration. The presentation deals with the most common issues facing Value investors. The presentation will take about 20 minutes. The balance of the allotted time will be devoted to Q&A.


Kevin Churchill was introduced to the topic of investing at the age of 13 by his mother. Immediately afterward he began to read his way through all the books in his local public library on the subject of investments. He became a licensed stockbroker and later a partner in a boutique brokerage firm. Investing has been a major focus in his life. After 52 years, he has had the opportunity to either witness or personally make almost every error an investor can make.

Twenty-five years ago he settled on a strict version of the Value Investing discipline. His experience is in line with other practitioners. He strongly believes his investment strategy is the proof that completely ‘average’ people can successfully handle their own investments.

— 12:15 PM —

Future/Commodities SIG: Featured Speaker: Gus Salinas

Topic: “Futures”

Join me for Part 3 of a 6 Part series;

  • September, Part Three: Options – Call
  • October, Part Four: Options – Put
  • November, Part Five Spreads – Bullish
  • December, Part Six Spreads – Bearish

Each session will built on each other.