HIA Meeting December 14: Market Round Table

HIA Meeting December 14: Market Round Table

The December meeting will be the  Stock Market Round Table, a discussion of market conditions and outlook by selected HIA members and invited guests.

Panelists, Jeff Friedberg, John Bott and Jim McWilliams with Cleve Fontenot as moderator.




HIA’s December 14, 2013 Agenda

 — 08:30 AM —

Stock Market SIG: Speaker: Jeff Jacobi

Topic: “IBD (CANSLIM) Portfolio Review”

Following a quick review of the Friedberg and the Income portfolios, Jeff Jacobi will review in detail the stocks of the IBD (CANSLIM.

Trading 101 SIG: Speakers: John Godell

Topic: “Review Big Picture”

John Godell will give more detail analysis of short term trading.

— 09:30 AM —

ETF & Market Outlook SIG: Speaker: Jimmy Hixson

Topic: “The only chart that matters right now”

Fixed Income SIG: Will not be held this month. 

— 10:45 AM —

Club Business: Speaker: Gus Salinas

— 11:00 AM —

Main Meeting: The 2014 HIA Roundtable on the Forecast of the Economy and the Stock Market will have as panelists, Jeff Friedberg, John Bott and Jim McWilliams with Cleve Fontenot as moderator.

– 12:15 PM —

Future/Commodities SIG: No meeting this month.



Houston Investors Association

Location: Houston Community College Southeast

Angela V. Morales Building

  1. SIG Meeting Meeting Room

—————– ——————–

8:30 AM


Stock Market SIG Lecture Hall Rm 102

Trading 101 SIG Class Room 306   


9:30 AM


  1. ETF & Market Outlook SIG Lecture Hall Rm 102

Fixed Income SIG Class Room 306     




                                          10:30 AM


Featured Speaker Lecture Hall Rm 102


 11:45 AM


Club Business Lecture Hall Rm 102


     12:15 PM


Futures/Commodities SIG Class Room 306