HIA Meeting, Saturday July 9 – Stock Market Roundtable

HIA Meeting, Saturday July 9 – Stock Market Roundtable

Cleve Fontenot: chairman
Dan Marburger
Jeff Friedberg
Larry Smith.


SIGs start at 8:30am
Main program at 11:00am


HIA’s July 9, 2016 Agenda

— 08:30 AM —

Stock Market SIG: Speaker: Jeff Jacobi 
Topic: “Growth Stocks and Brexit”

Jeff will then discuss his portfolio of growth stocks. Jeff will also discuss the impact of Brexit and growth stocks. Leigh is absent this meeting.

Trading 101 SIG: Speaker: John Godell

Topics: Review Big Picture
Summarize and Review our Psychology Study.

— 09:30 AM –

Market Outlook SIG: Speakers: Jimmy Hixson 
Topics: Is the Bear still alive and well?

Jimmy will review the long and short term market outlook

— 10:45 AM –

Club Business: President: Robert Tchoryk

— 11:00 AM –

Main Meeting: Roundtable Discussion – Cleve Fontenot: Moderator
Panelists: Dan Marburger, Jeff Friedberg and Larry Smith.
The roundtable discussion will proceed in the following sequence:

* We will begin the discussion with a five (5) minute summary by each panelist of the outlook for the economy and the stock market during the first half of 2016.

* After the initial presentations on the expectations of the economy and the stock market, each panelist will have two (2) minutes to pose questions to other panelists on their respective outlooks of the economy and the stock market. You may also wish to use some or all of this time to add to your initial presentation on the economy and stock market outlook.

* In the next section of the roundtable, each panelist will have six (6) minutes to present his stock recommendations/picks (or ETF’s, MLP’s, REITs, Mutual Funds, Bonds, or cash) in the investing economy that the panelist expects during the remainder of the year. Of course, the panelist can either go long or short. You may also wish to give your normal holding period in real life and setting sell targets and the like. It would also seem appropriate to give the audience your reasoning on why the strategy you are recommending is likely to make money over the course of the remainder of the year.

* Each panelist will then be given two minutes to ask questions of the other panelists.
The above roundtable discussion should take about 40 minutes. We will then proceed to the Q & A from the members. This should leave sufficient time for Q & A until 12:15. At that time we will close off the official questioning period; however, if you are available, members can stay until 12:30 for further discussions. This is what was done at the January Roundtable and it appeared to work well.


Upcoming HIA Programs

The following programs are planned for future HIA meetings. 


  • March 10: Marvin Appel of Systems & Forecast . Main speaker at 8:30-10:15. Joint with Houston Chapter of AAII. 
  • Remainder of 2018: Second Saturdays of each month (unless otherwise noted) @ Trini Mendenhall Community Center

If you have suggestions for speakers or topics, please forward them to VP Programs: Jimmy Hixson JimmyHixson@houstoninvestors.com or one of the other Board members.

Meeting Location

HIA meets at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road, Houston, Texas 77055. There is ample free parking at the center.  Room location varies, so look for notice on entry to the center. 

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