HIA Meeting, April 8 – John Godell – “Trading methodology” – LOCATION CHANGE!

HIA Meeting, April 8 – John Godell – special two-hour presentation (starts at 9:30) – “Trading methodology” – NOTE LOCATION CHANGE


Due to scheduling conflict, the normal meeting rooms at the UofH University Center are not available to us this month. The location for April 8 is in a different building, within a short walk of where we usually meet. You may park wherever you normally park, or follow detailed instructions below:

Room number 328/330 in the Classroom and Business Building, located directly behind Melcher Hall

Take Spur 5 off I-45, Right on University, 
Right on Calhoun, Park in business school lot on the Left, Walk through business school
and go out the rear and down the walk to the 5 story building.
Take elevator to Room 328-330 (Student Training Center)

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Main Program: John Godell, special two-hour presentation (starts at 9:30) “Trading methodology”

John has taught at HIA for 20 plus years. Some of the major topics and books taught and discussed have been:

Elliott Wave: Impulsive and corrective waves
Dr Bill Williams: Trading Chaos and New Dimensions in Trading
Eric Prentis: The Astute Investor, yield curve analysis and estimated future value of the S&P
Victor Sperandeo: Methods of a Wall Street Master , Dow theory and Identifying a change of trend.
Trading Concepts, Inc.: Trend Development and trading with the trend
Trading Psychology with Dr. Reid and Ed Sekota.

From all the topics and books that have been taught John would like to present a “Trading Methodology”.


1. Present the methods used to uncover the long term and intermediate term trend.

2. Help an investor eliminate any confusion about analyzing the Bigger Picture for understanding
the long term and intermediate term trends.

3. Present a few actionable trading strategies to answer the question “How likely is the market
to continue trading in a trend or is it likely to trade sideways.

4. Knowing the trend, what I consider to be the most cost effective way to use this knowledge to Invest.


SIGS begin at 8:30am
Main Program at 9:30

Agenda details to be posted later.


Houston Investors Association usually meets on the second Saturday of each month at the University of Houston central campus, in the University Center (Student Center South, building 565) . The usual meeting rooms are on the second floor. The date and rooms may vary, so check the published meeting notice. 

Meeting Location

 GPS +29° 43' 12.59", -95° 20' 27.46"

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Note that the official building address (4455 University Dr.) is not the physical address! Follow the map!


Free parking is available in parking lot 20A  to the east of the UC, on Calhoun. Other parking is sometimes available, but on your first visit it is easier to park in lot 20A. 

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