HIA Meeting, September 9 – John O’Keefe – Investor Relations – University Center

HIA Meeting, September 9 -John O’Keefe – Investor Relations – University Center

The HIA meeting WILL be held as scheduled. 

John spent about 20 years as an Investor Relations professional interfacing with Wall Street, major investors and everyday investors. The talk will describe the types of people he worked with both inside the Company and in the Investment Community, how financing transactions get done, how M&A transactions work with public companies. He will attempt to describe how best you can benefit from using an IR professional at the companies you invest in.


SIGS begin at 8:30am
Main Program at 11:00 

HIA’s September 9, 2017 Agenda

— 08:30 AM —

Trading 101 SIG: Speaker: John Godell

Topics: Review Big Picture. Begin the study of Commodity Research Bureau Trends in Futures. Review the trend trading methods and definitions of the trend employing the ADX and D+/D-. This can be used for Futures, ETF, and Forex.

— 09:30 AM –

Stock Market SIG: Speaker: Dennis Porsnuk & Leigh Anderson

Topic: Income Portfolio

Dennis has selected the twenty stocks that will comprise the 2017 Income Portfolio. He will review the portfolio holdings, changes and watch list plus methods to add to the watch list.

Leigh will give my usual brief update on the strategy portfolio performances

— 10:15 AM –

Market Outlook SIG: Speakers: Jimmy Hixson

Topics: TBA

— 11:00 AM –

Club Business: President: Robert Tchoryk

— 11:15 AM –

Main Meeting: Speaker: John O’Keefe

Topic: Energy Business Investor Relations

The topic covers a review of 20 exciting years of hands on experience with the investor relations profession applied to the worldwide energy business. It covers such items as debt and equity financing, M&A, and strategic communications in the global capital markets. It also includes management of relations with institutional and retail investors.

HIAHIAHouston Investors AssociationLocation: University Center Bldg 565
SIG Meeting Meeting Room 

8:30 AM
Stock Market SIG S. Downtown Rm 261
Trading 101 SIG S. Midtown Rm 262

9:30 AM Market Outlook SIG S. Downtown Rm 261        

10:45 AM Club Business S. Downtown Rm 261

                                           11:00 AM
Featured Speaker S. Downtown Rm 261

Upcoming HIA Programs

The following programs are planned for future HIA meetings. 


If you have suggestions for speakers or topics, please forward them to VP Programs: Jimmy Hixson JimmyHixson@houstoninvestors.com or one of the other Board members.

Meeting Location

Houston Investors Association usually meets on the second Saturday of each month at the University of Houston central campus, in the University Center (Student Center South, building 565) . The usual meeting rooms are on the second floor. The date and rooms may vary, so check the published meeting notice. 

Usual Meeting Location

University Center (Student Center South, building 565)
Second Floor

 GPS +29° 43' 12.59", -95° 20' 27.46"

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Note that the official building address (4455 University Dr.) is not the physical address! Follow the map!


Parking is available in parking lot 20A  to the east of the UC, on Calhoun. Other parking is sometimes available, but on your first visit it is easier to park in lot 20A. 

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