HIA Meeting, October 21 (THIRD SATURDAY) – Rohit Milstein: Low Volatility Investing

HIA Meeting, October 21 (THIRD SATURDAY) – Rohit Milstein: Low Volatility Investing – University Center

HIA’s October 21, 2017 Agenda 

— 08:30 AM —
Trading 101 SIG: Speaker: John Godell – will not be held this month

— 09:30 AM –
Stock Market SIG: Speaker: David Neary

Topic: Income Portfolio

Dave will be providing a brief update on the semi-conductor sector and facilitate open discussion on HIA member recent trades. HIA members, please come prepared to discuss your recent trades.

— 10:30 AM –

Market Outlook SIG: Speakers: Pat Finnegan

Topics: TBA

— 11:25 AM –

Club Business: President: Robert Tchoryk

— 11:30 AM –

Main Meeting: Speaker: Rohit Milstein

Topic: Low Volatility Trading

Mr. Milstein will describe in detail the technique underlying the Lisson Grove Steady Growth fund.

You will learn how to remove at least half the volatility associated with investing in either large cap or small cap US stocks. More importantly, applying this technique will simultaneously protect your capital during the inevitable next bear market. Rohit will demonstrate why he firmly that good defense will beat even a great offense and will provide all the information you need to improve your defense of any US equity based portfolio, including yours.


Rohit Millstein is the founder of Millstein Advisors, LLC, a Texas Registered Investment Advisor and the manager of two hedge funds, Lisson Grove Option Strategies, LP and Lisson Grove Steady Growth, LP. Rohit, who received his Master’s from the London Business School and twenty years after completing his Economics Degree at the University of Chicago