The Houston Investors Association is the operating name of HCIA, Inc., a not-for-profit association founded in 1981. We are a community of active investors with a wide range of investment experience and interests.  Members meet monthly to exchange investment knowledge and ideas in an informal and friendly environment. See where we meet.

  • Please note that HIA does not offer investment products, manage funds, or invest funds as a club. Nor is it a venue for promoters of investment products. 

HIA attracts top-notch featured speakers.  Our active program of Special Interest Groups (SIGS) has something for every level of investing knowledge.


President: Bob Tchoryk   president.hcia@gmail.com

Secretary/Treasurer: David Neary 

VP SIGs: Bill McBride 

VP Programs: Jimmy Hixson  

VP Communications: Leigh Anderson,   832-582-4131  leigh@houstoninvestors.com

Board of Directors (in addition to those above)

Cleve Fontenot clevefontenot@gmail.com 

Andrea Hatridge

Dan Marburger

Larry Smith 713-562-1133 larrysgo@hotmail.com

For Information Email info@houstoninvestors.com 

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