June 8: Bill Barack

Houston Investors Association Meeting, Saturday June 8, 2013

Main Session Speaker:
Bill Barack
Lindisfarne Investments, Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Bill Barack formed Lindisfarne Investments, a portfolio management company, in 2009. Lindisfarne Investments was an outgrowth of his original company, Barack Capital Management, which he started in 2000. He brings his extensive analytical experience from both his academic studies and his 30+ years in engineering. This has led to the development of unique, robust investment models which he uses for his clients to keep them in the market in good times and to recognize the risky times and step aside appropriately. He served as the Engineering Manager for Calphalon Corporation, consulted with various Fortune 500 companies for Morrison Knudsen, and spent 20 years with General Electric designing products from jet engines to light bulbs. He currently stays involved in the business world, serving on several Boards for manufacturing companies. Bill lives in Cleveland , Ohio.

 Subject: Things you can do to improve your portfolio performance

Bill will discuss what he believes to be the most important element in investing, how he decides what to trade/when to sell, what services he offers at Lindisfarne Investments (very brief), and, as time allows, do a Buy/Hold/Sell discussion on attendee holdings.

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March 9: Mike Robertson, Robertson Wealth Management

Houston Investors Association Meeting, Saturday March 9, 2013

“Risks and Opportunities in Investing”: First the fiscal cliff, then sequester, next the debt cliff. What is an investor to do? Mike Robertson, host of Straight Talk Money will discuss the effect of these and other events on your portfolio, how to reduce your risk and where you might invest now. Each attendee will also receive Mike’s personal investment chart that he is using in his strategy to make money in the years ahead.

Robertson_small2Mike Robertson, Robertson Wealth Management

Mike Robertson is CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Robertson Wealth Management, LLC, and host of “Straight Talk Money” on 1110AM/KTEK. Mike has been has been in the financial industry for over 37 years and specializes in creating tax-efficient portfolios and retirement distribution strategies, with an emphasis on controlling risk. Mike has been quoted in such publications as the Houston Chronicle, Money Magazine, Business Week, The New York Times, Research Magazine and On Wall Street. He is a member of numerous boards including the Harry S. Dent Foundation Advisory Board, Ed Slott Advisory Board, First Allied Securities Chairman Executive Counsel and Bill Good Marketing Board of Directors. Mike hosts “Straight Talk Money” weekdays from 8am to 9am on 1110AM/KTEK in Houston. The focus of the show is exactly what the name implies, “Straight Talk” about investing and finances and “Straight Answers” to listener questions.

Downloads from Meeting

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Downloads from December 2012 Meeting

December 8: Stock Market Roundtable

Houston Investors Association Meeting, Saturday December 8, 2012

The December meeting will be the annual Stock Market Round Table, a discussion of market conditions and outlook by selected HIA members and invited guests.  Roundtable discussion panel members are Jeff Friedberg, John Bott and Jim McWilliams.

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Oct 13: Alan Brochstein, AB Analytical Services

Houston Investors Association Meeting, Saturday October 13, 2012

FEATURED PRESENTATION: Alan Brochstein, AB Analytical Services

Topic: Management Matters: How to Improve Your Long-Term Portfolio By Focusing on Strong Management Teams

The best stocks offer strong technicals, solid fundamentals and reasonable valuations, areas where most investors make assessments on a regular basis. Alan believes that there is a fourth element: The quality of management. Unlike the other three dimensions, this is an area where most investors spend limited time and have little basis to form an opinion. Alan will share some guidelines that he has developed to help you assess the quality of management.

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Sept. 8: Steve Gray, “Building a Bulletproof Retirement Portfolio in an Uncertain World.”

Houston Investors Association Meeting, Saturday September 8, 2012

FEATURED PRESENTATION: Steve Gray, “Building a  Bulletproof Retirement Portfolio in an Uncertain World.” 

The monthly meeting of the Houston Investors Association will take place at Houston Community College (southeast campus), 6815 Rustic Street, Houston TX 77087.  SIG meetings begin at 8.30; main speaker at 11.00. 

“Building a Bullet-Proof Retirement Portfolio in Uncertain Times”

Stephen L. Gray, CPA 
Certified Financial Planner
Registered Investment Advisor 

Sovereign debt levels are reaching epic proportions in Europe and America. It is becoming increasing obvious that leaders and governments have no solutions to these problems, and are completely dysfunctional in trying to address them. This will ultimately have profound implications for economic growth, and the standard of living, for these nations. At this meeting we will discuss ideas for structuring a conservative portfolio to preserve capital and generate good returns in what is sure to be a harsh and uncertain future.

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