New Location – Exciting Programs – New way of paying dues

New Location – Exciting Programs – New way of paying dues

  • This month we are holding a special joint meeting with Houston Chapter of AAII featuring a nationally known author and speaker. HIA is covering part of the program cost from our dues, so it is urgent that HIA members are fully current in dues, prior to the meeting. 

Future meetings of HIA will be at our new location, the  Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road, Houston, Texas 77055. The location offers a guaranteed venue for our activities (no last minute site changes), ample free parking and easy access. Best of all, it will reduce HIA expenses and allow us to put on a wider range of programs.

However, the Mendenhall Center’s policy prohibits us from collecting any payments at the site of the meeting. So if you have not yet renewed your membership (due last October) for this year, please do so ASAP with our online payment system. 

Please Join or Renew Your Membership NOW!

If you have already paid your dues for this year, thank you! If not …

Click on the link below to go to our website and find full instructions for joining HIA or renewing your membership. 

Join or Renew Membership (


  • Individual Membership —  $75 
  • Family Membership — $85 
  • Full-time students with IDs may join for free.

In Memoriam Al Robison

Cleve Fontenot sends the following announcement:

Al Robison passed away on Memorial Day.

Al was a charter member of HIA and served as the SIG leader for the
Stock Market SIG for about 20 years. For many of the membership he
introduced us to CANSLIM/IBD and how to use this system to make money.
Al was a board member of HIA for over 20 years. He was a key contributor
to the success of HIA over many years.

Cheers(In respect for Al we always signed off his email with “Cheers”.),


Invitation to HIA members to help test remote meeting software

Houston Investors Association is testing software to offer our meetings to members who can not attend in person. We also want to offer live presentations by out-of-town speakers unable to travel to Houston for our regular meetings.

If you would like to test, please  Click for Current Status and Access Instructions


Leigh Anderson





Due to declining service quality in Yahoo Groups, Houston Investors Association is moving its mailing list to  “MailChimp”, a leading provider of mailing list services. (Except for the occasional primate icon, the emails will be ad-free.) Within a few hours, you should receive an email indicating you are subscribed to the new service.



We moved our email subscriber list from Yahoo to the new service in bulk. If your Yahoo group settings were to “no mail” or “read on the web”, you may be receiving mail for the first time in a long time. Please note we are not “spamming” you; we presume that by remaining if the Yahoo group you wished to receive our communications. There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

Leigh Anderson
HIA Communications Director
Questions? Email

NEW LOCATION: HIA Now Meets at Houston Community College

NEW LOCATION: HIA Now Meets at Houston Community College (southeast campus)

As of the August 2012 meeting, Houston Investors Association will meet at
Houston Community College (southeast campus), 6815 Rustic Street, Houston TX 77087   Continue reading

Seeking Leader(s) for the Stock Market SIG

HIA Members:

The HIA Board is seeking suggestion you might have as to a possible leader or co-leaders for the Stock Sig. If we could get 2 people then they could share the responsibilities. Guest speakers from time to time provides variety to the programming.

Here are some suggested ideas that the Stock Market SIG leader can use: 

  • Leader of the discussion in the Stock Market SIG.
  • Give perspective of the current direction of the market (May quote sources of
  • market timing guru’s).
  • Present equities recently purchased or is currently evaluating.
  • Solicit ideas from the audience on equity ideas and recent investments they have
  • made.
  • Present ideas in income producing equities such as MLPs, REITs, dividend stocks,
  • closed end funds, etc.
  • Present ideas on other equity investments such as growth stocks and IBD stocks.
  • Arrange for guest speakers to the SIG such as Jeff Friedberg and his group.

Please email Jimmy Hixson  any suggestions 

Please join the Board in expressing our gratitude to Al Robison who has been the leader for the Stock Sig for many years.

Permanent Change to HIA Meeting Location

As a heads up, the April 14 meeting of Houston Investors Association and all subsequent meetings will be on the second floor (up the stairs) of the University Center building. Same building, just upstairs. When you arrive at the building, go up the main stairs and look for the HIA signs. 

All events will be in rooms 202 and 250 (Bayou City and Bluebonnet).


Note that this will be a permanent change for HIA meetings. The UC Underground is undergoing a major multi-year remodeling and will will be unavailable. 



Annual dues for Houston Investors Association are due now.

Act now to avoid a delay at the next meeting:

-Annual dues are $75.00 for individual  membership with an additional $10.00 charge for a spouse.  
-Payment by check is preferred.  Visa and Mastercard,  (not  American Express or Discover), are accepted for payment but are more laborious to process and have fees associated with them.
-To avoid waiting in line at the next meeting the check can be mailed in advance to:
C/O James Simmons
79 East Hobbit Glen Drive
The Woodlands, Texas  77384
Upon receipt a new membership badge will be produced and available at the next meeting.
Thanks for your early attention.

Your HIA Membership is Expiring !

Your HIA Membership is Expiring !  

Renew Now and Avoid the Rush !

Fellow HIA Members:

All HIA memberships are expiring on September 30, 2009 (except for the few folks who have three-year memberships). There will be long lines at the meeting check-in table as everyone tries to renew for our next fiscal year: Oct.1, 2009 to Sept. 30, 2010. You can avoid those long lines by mailing a check now to our HIA Treasurer.

  • Send $75.00 for a new One-year Membership, covering 10/01/2009 – 9/30/2010.
  • If you want to sign up for Three years, send $195.00.
  • If you want to add an immediate family member, just add $10.00 to your payment.
  • Make your check payable to "H.I.A."

Mail them to:   
Jerry Wendelin, HIA Treasurer
1724 Indiana Street
Houston, TX  77006

People sometimes ask, "If I don’t attend any HIA meetings for, say, 6 months, then when I do attend a meeting will I still have to pay the whole $75 for the entire fiscal year?"  The answer is Yes, you will….. unless you choose to pay on a meeting-by-meeting basis (the per-meeting attendance fee is $15 per meeting).

Almost all of our membership fee money goes toward the cost of our rooms at the University of Houston.  For each Saturday that we meet at the U of H, we donate $500 to the Bauer College of Business’ scholarship fund.  Clearly, your $75 annual membership fee is (a) very important to the continuation of the HIA, and (b) a real bargain for the investment education we share.  We appreciate your participation!

Yours, — Jerry Wendelin, Treasurer

Phone:  713-522-1872

Offices open

Dear HIA members, 

please note that we have two offices currently open:


  • VP SIGs: Coordintates SIG programs, agenda, and schedule. 
  • VP Programs: Coordinates speakers and programs for HIA main program.


Currently these duties are being handled by volunteers who have helped HIA in the past. If you are interested in taking a leadership role, please contact our president Gus Salinas at 281-452-0614 and discuss your interests. I’m sure the current volunteers will continue helping with the duties, so it won’t be a burden. 

HIA can not exist without the efforts of its members; please consider taking a leadership role.

Welcome to the new Houston Investors Association Web site

Houston Investors Association is pleased to present its new web site, with a new look and way of reading. We hope this site will provide you with better, timely information about Houston Investors Association and other events of  interest to individual investors in the Houston area.

Some key features are

  • The Home Page highlights key announcements such as upcoming meetings
  • The Articles page lists additions and news in reverse chronological order. It is structured in “blog” format, and you can subscribe through our RSS feed.
  • The SIG page summarizes our Special Interest Groups and links to pages and agendas for each SIG.
  • In the Category menu you can quickly scan current and previous HIA Meeting news and SIG news.
  • A Calendar shows HIA meetings and other investment events.

A Call to Service

Dear Houston Investors Association Members:

For almost 8 years I’ve enjoyed the being your program chairman and
it is with regret that I am resigning effective December 31, 2008. As I
noted to you in mid 2007, I found that my health affected how much
attention and focus I could bring to the position. In the previous note
mailed to you, the leadership team pointed out how HIA is a great
organization and an important one to keep you informed during these
uncertain times. The club was founded 27 years ago and for over half
those years I’ve seen it weather many cycles. We’ve seen a lot
of speakers volunteer to present to HIA and we really learned a lot from
each one of them. Authors and experts in their field, many had national
reputations, like Jim Rogers, John Mauldin, and some from our area, e.g.
Carole Coal who called our attention to the beginning of Enron’s
demise. I have also made a great many friends who have helped immensely
in the jobs at HIA and in my life.

I attended monthly meetings for quite a while before being “called
to service”, first in the support of the web site and then a year or
so later as a full time program chairman. For almost 8 years I’ve
worked along with many members of HIA to bring interesting programs. I
must admit that having the leadership in this area gave me the latitude
to bring in experts in my own area which is technical analysis and

Speaking for the board, I hope you too will take the call to help by
volunteering to take this rewarding job for a while and bring “new
blood” and approaches to the club. I plan to help in the transition
by training and supporting the new Program Chairman as well having more
time to update the web site.

In gratitude,

Joseph E. Landry
15806 Manor Square Drive
Houston, Texas, 77062 – 4743

HIA is seeking your involvement

Members of Houston Investors Association,
At uncertain times like these we all need reliable information on investing and financial planning, and opportunities to air our ideas and ask questions. We believe that Houston Investors Association is one of the best organizations available to you and our community for this purpose, and we hope you agree. However, as with all non-profit volunteer organizations, HIA relies totally on its members for energy, ideas, and leadership. We have no paid staff, no CEO raking in the megabucks, and no one to look to but ourselves to keep the club vital.
As we approach the annual time to choose officers and members of the board of directors, we are actively seeking “new blood” who have an interest in helping HIA achieve its mission. A number of positions and volunteer roles are open for consideration (we will detail these in a subsequent message). You don’t have to be a financial professional or an investing whiz-kid to play an important part in HIA; common sense, interest in the HIA mission, and willingness to devote a few hours a month is what we need.
The board of directors hopes some of you will consider taking a leadership role and helping HIA help the Houston community achieve financial security.
If you want to discuss opportunities, please contact our president Cleve Fontenot or 713-956-6755.
Please let Cleve also know if you would like to suggest the names of other members that you feel would make great officers for HIA.  This is an excellent way to identify members you feel would help drive the organization forward. 

Leigh Anderson
Houston Investors Association