Downloads from May 13 HIA Meeting

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HIA Meeting – May 13 – John Bott, Parallax Investments, LLC

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Downloads from April 8 HIA Meeting

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HIA Meeting, April 8 – John Godell – “Trading methodology”

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Downloads from February 11 HIA Meeting

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HIA Meeting – Feb 11 – Eddie Cohen – How to Generate Income

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2017 FEB HIA Eddie Cohen Speaker Presentation

Downloads from January 14

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HIA Meeting – Jan 14 – Stockmarket Roundtable

From Stockmarket SIG (David Neary)

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Downloads from January 2014 Meeting

Downloads from  HIA Meeting January 18: Randy Beck


Downloads from November 2013 Meeting

 Downloads from HIA Meeting November 9: John Bott | Houston Investors Association

Downloads from October 2013 Meeting

 Downloads from HIA Meeting October 12: Paul and Daniel Charbonnet

Downloads from July 2013 Meeting

HIA Income Portfolio July-2013

IBD Income Portfolio July-2013

Jeff Freidberg Income Portfolio July-2013

Jeff Friedburg adds: For the record, the Friedberg portfolio is not an income portfolio. It is primarily a growth portfolio, though it does include 2 REITs, 2MLPs and a utility. The portfolio is simply a snapshot of stocks that I liked on Jan 1, 2013. We track the value of this portfolio throughout the year even though in real life we don’t necessarily continue to own all of the stocks in the portfolio. So please feel free to track it but be aware that only a handful of the securities in the portfolio provide any income.

 HIA -Jimmy Hixson July 13

Leigh HIA Roundtable 2013 July