Downloads from December 2012 Meeting

Downloads from November 2011 Meeting


HIA member Pat Finnegan will speak on Intermediate Term Trend Following.

The McClellan Summation Index is used as the primary indicator in an
Intermediate Term Trend Follwing market timing signal, and additional indicators
are used to improve the reliability of the system.  Examples of use of the
signal in ETF trading are illustrated.  A copy of Powerpoint Presentation will
be made available.  A website with detailed charts will be discussed.


Downloads from October 2011 Meeting


Strategies for Investing in Bull and Bear Markets

Speaker: Don Lansing, 
Founder of investment advisory firms, Lansing Investments and MTA Capital; 
member of Fraser Partners                  
Adjunct Professor of Finance/Investments at St. Edwards University

Download or read PDF file: Don Lansing


 Evidence-Based Investing SIG: Speaker: Leigh Anderson

 Topic: “An Update on Valuation”
We will look again at several standard methods of valuing the market, what they say about today’s value, and whether they help time your investments.

Download or read PDF file: 2011-10-valuation

Downloads from July 2011 meeting

Evidence-Based Investing SIG: Speaker: Leigh Anderson

Topic: “The Big (and not-so-big) Mo”
Some momentum strategies that seem to work, and some that don’t.

Click to view/download PDF file 2011-07-momentum

Downloads from June 2011 meeting

Evidence-Based Investing SIG: Speaker: Leigh Anderson

Topic: “What a Time We Had!”
Q: Over the last decade, which timing strategies beat the market? A: All of them, including flipping a coin. If you are a market timer and didn’t beat the market, you have some explaining to do.

Click to view/download PDF file 2011-06-timing

Ken Wood’s slides from the panel discussion

HIA Panel 6_11