Our active program of Special Interest Groups (SIGS) has something for every level of investing knowledge. SIGs are open to all HIA members and first-time visitors. Feel free to contact the SIG leader for further information.

The SIGs meet prior to the main session, in various rooms in Melcher Hall, some beginning at 8.30 am. The times below are the normal ones, but the schedules sometimes vary. Rooms and schedules will be posted at the meeting and on this website.

The SIG schedules and topics are posted on the updated meeting notice a few days before each meeting

Stock Market SIG @ 8:30 am

SIG Leader – Dennis Porsnuk

The purpose of this group is to present several approaches to equity investing. The Stock Market SIG focuses on three portfolios – Income, Investor Business Daily based stock selection and various other investment techniques. At each meeting one of the portfolio managers briefly reviews all three portfolios and discusses the portfolio he manages in detail. Updates are published monthly following each meeting.

Trading 101 SIG @ 8:30 am

John Godell  – SIG Leader, Ron Stockstill

The Trading 101 SIG will work through a series of text books and trading approaches.


ETF and Market Outlook SIG @ 9:30 am

Jimmy Hixson – SIG Leader

This SIG provides generalized information concerning the selection and timing of mutual fund investing.  The emphasis is on technical analysis.  A number of software products are used by our members.  The most popular mutual fund software are products based on the FastTrack Database.