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HIA Meeting, September 9 – John O’Keefe – Investor Relations

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Member Generated Charts (Pat Finegan, Leigh Anderson, John Godell)


Downloads from July 8 HIA Meeting

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HIA Meeting – July 8 – HIA Stockmarket Roundtable

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Main Program

Member Generated Charts (Pat Finegan, Leigh Anderson, John Godell)


Downloads from June 10 HIA Meeting

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HIA Meeting – June 10 – Andrew Oskoui

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Downloads from May 13 HIA Meeting

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HIA Meeting – May 13 – John Bott, Parallax Investments, LLC

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Downloads from April 8 HIA Meeting

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HIA Meeting, April 8 – John Godell – “Trading methodology”

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Downloads from February 11 HIA Meeting

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HIA Meeting – Feb 11 – Eddie Cohen – How to Generate Income

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2017 FEB HIA Eddie Cohen Speaker Presentation

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HIA Meeting – Jan 14 – Stockmarket Roundtable

From Stockmarket SIG (David Neary)

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Downloads from July 2011 meeting

Evidence-Based Investing SIG: Speaker: Leigh Anderson

Topic: “The Big (and not-so-big) Mo”
Some momentum strategies that seem to work, and some that don’t.

Click to view/download PDF file 2011-07-momentum

Downloads from June 2011 meeting

Evidence-Based Investing SIG: Speaker: Leigh Anderson

Topic: “What a Time We Had!”
Q: Over the last decade, which timing strategies beat the market? A: All of them, including flipping a coin. If you are a market timer and didn’t beat the market, you have some explaining to do.

Click to view/download PDF file 2011-06-timing

Ken Wood’s slides from the panel discussion

HIA Panel 6_11

Downloads from May 2011 HIA meeting

Evidence-Based Investing SIG: Speaker: Leigh Anderson

Topic: Small and Cheap (View or Download (PDF file) 2011-05-smallcheap)

Investing orthodoxy touts the superior performance of small-cap and/or value stocks. Can passive investors use small-cap and value ETFs to outperform other equity classes? Can active investors pick the OTC company that will be the next Google?

Downloads from April 2011 HIA meeting

Here are presentations from the April 2011 HIA meeting. Click to view or download.

Evidence-Based Investing & ETF & Market Outlook SIG: Speaker: Leigh Anderson

Topic: “Portfolio Diversification Strategies: Evidence for what works and what doesn’t.”

Are commodities, gold, TIPS, or REITs good inflation hedges? Should you hold inverse funds? Diversify with “volatility exposure”? Asset allocation in the face of disaster? A quick tour through conventional ideas and objective evidence.

Download: Evidence-Based Investing November 2010

Topic: ““ETFs and Global Macro: Are We All George Soros Now?”

The rise of indexation and index-based portfolio strategies has profoundly affected the market itself. Eternal verities such as value investing, fundamental analysis, stock picking, small-cap premium are challenged by huge amounts of money sloshing from ETF to ETF at the click of a mouse. We look at the evidence and consider how individual investors might respond.

available on my website  November 2010

Download: Getting Started SIG, September 2010

“Seer Suckers”

From Paul the Oracular Octopus to Cramer’s Hot Picks to Federal Reserve outlooks, we hungrily devour forecasts from the experts. But how reliable are they? We will look at their records and learn that the real suckers aren’t on octopuses.

Click to view the presentation on the Getting Started SIG website

Download: Getting Started SIG, April 2010

“Some things that might work”

We’ll take a look at the CXO Advisory service web site (, a gold mine of “Objective research and reviews to aid investing decision”. The folks at CXO offer informative and quantitative reviews of a mindboggling range of investment strategies. This week we look at a few strategies that seem promising.

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Houston Investors Association meeting February 13, 2010

If you receive this notice via email, you can read it on the web at

(Updated 2/6/2010 with SIG agenda)

The monthly meeting of the Houston Investors Association will take place Saturday, February 13, 2010 at Melcher Hall, on University of Houston Campus 4800 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX. (See Location).

Featured Program (11:00 am):

Jim Willis, Beacon Bay Asset Mgmt

Beacon Bay Asset Mgmt LLC, is a Dallas, TX, based Registered Investment Advisory in both Texas and Georgia.  The managing member is Jim Willis.

Jim founded Beacon Bay in May, 2005 and manages assets for private clients and businesses.  He holds a BA and MA in Psychology from Western Kentucky University.

Jim spent 22 years in global telecom travelling extensively around the world.  In 2002 he joined AG Edwards & Sons as a Financial Advisor prior to founding Beacon Bay.  His focus in investing is on value and uses both fundamental and technical analysis and options to manage investments.

Topic:  Investing in 2010: A Global Glimpse.

The talk will focus on the current state of the US economy and where investors might focus specifically around the globe outside the domestic markets.  Primary interest will be in natural resources and why that area should perform well this year.  He is an excellent presenter and will offer his forecast for this year.    Jim is currently the Speaker Chairman for the Dallas Investors Forum and speaks to groups around the US.  He will offer a unique perspective on where and why he invests in natural resources.

Download the Presentation

HIA’s February 13, 2010 Agenda

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