Downloads from July 2011 meeting

Evidence-Based Investing SIG: Speaker: Leigh Anderson

Topic: “The Big (and not-so-big) Mo”
Some momentum strategies that seem to work, and some that don’t.

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Houston Investors Association Meeting, 9 July

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The monthly meeting of the Houston Investors Association will take place Saturday, July 9, 2011 at  University Center on University of Houston Campus, Houston, TX.

  • Remember the new meeting location at University Center Building
  • The meeting rooms are the Atlantic Rm 74, Caspian Rm 87, and Pacific Rm 90. All rooms are underground. See Room Map

Main Meeting:

Don Wilson: Validation Test of Asset Class Risk Management

• Define Asset Class Risk Management.
• What comes first – Market Risk Management?
• Tactical Risk Management Models with a New Twist.
• Validation Test Results for Asset Allocation Risk/Timing Models Explained.
• Closing – It’s not what you make. It’s what you keep that matters.
• Making Money by Not Losing It.

Don’s background has been in large corporations and later in small businesses. He is retired now, but before that he was a business owner. He has successfully owned/bought/sold several small businesses. He started his Tango5 effort to begin teaching his adult children how to invest his way, the Tango way. It just developed from there, now he has several hundred others, including money managers around the country, and a few overseas using this process for investing. These Market Risk Management Models are based first on capital preservation and making money is second. The TangoETF Asset Allocation Rotation Model subscription service is an automatic mechanical ETF trading method, with a complete report, with instructions for “What and When to Buy Sell or Hold”. For more visit,

HIA’s July 9, 2011 Agenda

— 08:30 AM —

Stock Market SIG: Speaker: Al Robison

Topic:  “Market Discussion”

Al will lead a discussion of this still difficult market and how we might conceivably make some money in it. Please bring your own best ideas, and we’ll talk about them.

Derivatives / Advanced Options SIG: Speaker: Jim McWilliams

Topic: “Greeks”

Jim McWilliams will be talking about having a trading plan and how to manage the plan with the Greeks.

Trading 101 SIG: Speakers: John Godell & Ron Stockstill

Topics: “Big Picture & Future SIG topics”

John and Ron will provide a quick review of the Big Picture.  They will continue reviewing Bill William’s book Number 1, Trading Chaos.

— 09:30 AM —

Evidence-Based Investing SIG: Speaker: Leigh Anderson

Topic: “The Big (and not-so-big) Mo”

Some momentum strategies that seem to work, and some that don’t.

ETF & Market Outlook SIG: Speaker: Don Wilson

Topic:  “Junk Bonds and other Low Volatility Bonds along with general discussion of ETF’s. ”

Fixed Income SIG:  Speaker: John Bott (Tri-Star Financial)

Topic: “The 15 Reasons the Stock Market Should Go UP and Why it Won’t”

— 10:45 AM —

Club Business: Speaker: Gus Salinas

— 11:00 AM —

Main Meeting:  Speaker: Don Wilson

Validation Test of Asset Class Risk Management

— 12:45 PM —

Future/Commodities SIG: Featured Speakers: Gus Salinas & Phil Langford

Topics: “To be Announced.”

see also the    Downloads from June 2011 meeting

Coffee and doughnuts at HIA meetings are generously provided by John Bott of Tri-Star Financial.

The Houston Investors Association, founded in 1981, is a non-profit association of active investors with a wide range of investment experience and interests. Members meet monthly to exchange investment knowledge and ideas in an informal and friendly environment.

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Leigh Anderson
HIA Communications Director
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Downloads from June 2011 meeting

Evidence-Based Investing SIG: Speaker: Leigh Anderson

Topic: “What a Time We Had!”
Q: Over the last decade, which timing strategies beat the market? A: All of them, including flipping a coin. If you are a market timer and didn’t beat the market, you have some explaining to do.

Click to view/download PDF file 2011-06-timing

Ken Wood’s slides from the panel discussion

HIA Panel 6_11

Downloads from May 2011 HIA meeting

Evidence-Based Investing SIG: Speaker: Leigh Anderson

Topic: Small and Cheap (View or Download (PDF file) 2011-05-smallcheap)

Investing orthodoxy touts the superior performance of small-cap and/or value stocks. Can passive investors use small-cap and value ETFs to outperform other equity classes? Can active investors pick the OTC company that will be the next Google?

Download: Evidence-Based Investing November 2010

Topic: ““ETFs and Global Macro: Are We All George Soros Now?”

The rise of indexation and index-based portfolio strategies has profoundly affected the market itself. Eternal verities such as value investing, fundamental analysis, stock picking, small-cap premium are challenged by huge amounts of money sloshing from ETF to ETF at the click of a mouse. We look at the evidence and consider how individual investors might respond.

available on my website  November 2010

Video: The Dangers of ETFs and How to Avoid Them


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A video (screen cam) of Saturday’s presentation by Ron Rowland along with a copy of the slides is now available for downloading.

Featured Presentation:

"The Dangers of ETFs and How to Avoid Them"

Ron Rowland’s presentation was recorded with a product called Camtasia and stored on the web in a download area. The screen cams or videos are executables (.exe) that have been screened and were virus free when placed in the web server. The EXE file, once downloaded, will decompress and launch a Camtasia viewer when OPEN is selected. To download the EXE file use the right mouse button to select SAVE TARGET AS from the drop down list. When the relatively large ~40 to ~60 MB download is complete, you can choose to OPEN the presentation – it should start playing immediately. Press escape to display the Viewer tool bar if you’d like to PAUSE or STOP or navigate around the presentation. If you are unsuccessful in downloading you probably need to reduce the level of your browser security temporarily. To access the file including some archives that you may be interested in, go to the Archived Downloads link on the web site. Here you’ll have to register and receive a random password specifically for these archived files. It’s bothersome doing it this way but this approach provides the HIA website some level of security. Use the link below and follow instructions.

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