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HIA Meeting, September 9 – John O’Keefe – Investor Relations

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Downloads from July 8 HIA Meeting

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HIA Meeting – July 8 – HIA Stockmarket Roundtable

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Downloads from June 10 HIA Meeting

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HIA Meeting – June 10 – Andrew Oskoui

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Downloads from May 13 HIA Meeting

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HIA Meeting – May 13 – John Bott, Parallax Investments, LLC

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Downloads from April 8 HIA Meeting

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HIA Meeting, April 8 – John Godell – “Trading methodology”

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HIA Meeting – Feb 11 – Eddie Cohen – How to Generate Income

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2017 FEB HIA Eddie Cohen Speaker Presentation

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HIA Meeting – Jan 14 – Stockmarket Roundtable

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Houston Investors Association Meeting, 11 June

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The monthly meeting of the Houston Investors Association will take place Saturday, June 11, 2011 at  University Center on University of Houston Campus, Houston, TX.

  • Remember the new meeting location at University Center Building
  • The meeting rooms are the Atlantic Rm 74, Caspian Rm 87, and Pacific Rm 90. All rooms are underground. See Room Map

Main Meeting:

Stock Market Roundtable
Moderator: Alan Robison
Roundtable members: Ken Woods, John Bott, Carl Meyerton

HIA’s June 11, 2011 Agenda

— 08:30 AM —

Stock Market SIG: Speaker: Al Robison

Topic: “Market Discussion”

Al will lead a discussion of this still difficult market and how we might conceivably make some money in it. Please bring your own best ideas, and we’ll talk about as many of them as possible.

Derivatives / Advanced Options SIG: Speaker: Jim McWilliams

Topic: “Delta”

Jim McWilliams will be talking about delta and how it affect you trading decisions.

Trading 101 SIG: Speakers: John Godell & Ron Stockstill

Topics: “Big Picture & Future SIG topics”

John and Ron will provide a quick review of the Big Picture. During the next three months, they will review the entry/exit signals along with the profit taking plan in Bill William’s book number 1, 2 & 3. Starting in September Ron will cover the “traders mindset.”

— 09:30 AM —

Evidence-Based Investing SIG: Speaker: Leigh Anderson

Topic: “What a Time We Had!”
Q: Over the last decade, which timing strategies beat the market? A: All of them, including flipping a coin. If you are a market timer and didn’t beat the market, you have some explaining to do.

ETF & Market Outlook SIG: Speaker: Jimmy Hixson

Topic: “Outlook for the Next Six Months”

Fixed Income SIG: Speaker: John Bott (Tri-Star Financial)

Topic: “Fixed Income for Heirs and Mid-Year Economic Report”

— 10:45 AM —

Club Business: Speaker: Gus Salinas

— 11:00 AM —

Main Meeting: Moderator: Alan Robison
Topic: “Stock Market Roundtable”
Roundtable members: Ken Woods, John Bott, Carl Meyerton

— 12:45 PM —

Future/Commodities SIG: Featured Speakers: Gus Salinas & Phil Langford

Topics: “To be Announced.”

see also the  Downloads from May 2011 HIA meeting | Houston Investors Association

Coffee and doughnuts at HIA meetings are generously provided by John Bott of Tri-Star Financial.

The Houston Investors Association, founded in 1981, is a non-profit association of active investors with a wide range of investment experience and interests. Members meet monthly to exchange investment knowledge and ideas in an informal and friendly environment.

Help Houston Investors Association grow!

If you have benefited from the information and sharing at the HIA meetings, let your friends know about us. Invite a guest to join you at one of our monthly meetings. The first visit for guests is free; and let us know so we can make them feel at home.

Want to Get More Involved?

Houston Investors Association is a volunteer organization, and we can’t survive without your help. Let us know whether you can just donate a couple of hours a year to assist at the meetings, or take a leadership role. Get involved and enjoy the satisfaction of helping your fellow Houstonians achieve secure financial futures.

Leigh Anderson
HIA Communications Director
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