Buy and Hope (Getting Started SIG) download

Here is the PowerPoint presentation file from the GettingStarted SIG 9 May. The topic was:

Buy and Hope – Can we do better?

We will continue looking at simple (and not-so-simple) timing strategies. 

The prudent investor is conventionally advised to hold a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds, periodically rebalancing to fixed asset allocations, and not to attempt to time the market. We are told to invest in “Stocks for the Long Run”, notwithstanding “In the long run, we are all dead.” The current financial crisis invites us to re-examine this conventional wisdom and look for alternative strategies that might be more effective in volatile bearish or sideways markets over the next several years. We look at research that suggests a simple timing strategy may improve returns and reduce risk.


See part one at (presented in April)

Part two  (presented 9 May)


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Safe Havens

Monthly Meeting Notice

The monthly meeting of the Houston Investors Association will take place Saturday, 9 August 2008 at Melcher Hall, on University of Houston Campus 4800 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX.

This month our featured speaker is

John Bott

“Safe Havens”

Tri-star Investments

John Bott now a regular on KSEV 700 with Lance Roberts

John has worked with investment securities for over 27 years. He is a well-known financial educator in the Houston, Texas area and taught on the adjunct faculty at the University of Houston School of business for a number of years. In his 27+ years in the field of Finance, Business and Economics, he was also financial consultant for the Gulf Coast Financial Managers society. As a business owner, Mr. Bott was the advisor and speaker for Pennsylvania Independent Bankers Association, West Virginia Independent Bankers, and the Michigan Association of Community Bankers. Mr. Bott has also been a frequent guest on “The Money Man Report” with Daniel Frishberg.As an author, Mr. Bott has written a highly regarded newsletter “Trendtracker” for over 18+ years, giving remarkable insights to the economic and financial markets. Mr. Bott has been used as the source for articles for Bloomberg magazine and a guest columnist for “Changing Times” magazine, and economic editorialist for the “New Enterpriser” Newsletter. 

Mr. Bott’s community activities in Houston include: Founder of the Northwest Coalition of Civic Organizations, Executive Director of Playhouse 1960, Board Member of Starmakers of the Northwest, as well as baseball, soccer, football and basketball coach for Inwood Dad’s Club, Walnut Bend Recreational Center, and Candlelight League.

An Alumnus of the University of Houston and Southwest Texas State University, Mr. Bott lives in Northwest Houston with his wife Debra. They have 7 children, 4 grandchildren (and 2 more on the way).