Course: Gamma Scalping & Dynamic Hedging (Collars)

Course Title
Gamma Scalping & Dynamic Hedging (Collars)

17th May 2009, Sunday                                                        
Hours: 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.



University of Houston,
4800 Calhoun Drive, University Drive,
Entrance one,
TX – 77204
Tel – 713-741-2447

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Video: The Dangers of ETFs and How to Avoid Them


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A video (screen cam) of Saturday’s presentation by Ron Rowland along with a copy of the slides is now available for downloading.

Featured Presentation:

"The Dangers of ETFs and How to Avoid Them"

Ron Rowland’s presentation was recorded with a product called Camtasia and stored on the web in a download area. The screen cams or videos are executables (.exe) that have been screened and were virus free when placed in the web server. The EXE file, once downloaded, will decompress and launch a Camtasia viewer when OPEN is selected. To download the EXE file use the right mouse button to select SAVE TARGET AS from the drop down list. When the relatively large ~40 to ~60 MB download is complete, you can choose to OPEN the presentation – it should start playing immediately. Press escape to display the Viewer tool bar if you’d like to PAUSE or STOP or navigate around the presentation. If you are unsuccessful in downloading you probably need to reduce the level of your browser security temporarily. To access the file including some archives that you may be interested in, go to the Archived Downloads link on the web site. Here you’ll have to register and receive a random password specifically for these archived files. It’s bothersome doing it this way but this approach provides the HIA website some level of security. Use the link below and follow instructions.

ARCHIVED DOWNLOADS are temporarily unavailable.

The Wisdom of the Signal Crowd

Main Meeting: Guest Speaker will be Bruce Robinson.  His topic will be “The Wisdom of the Signal Crowd”. 

Bruce will speak about the wisdom of using many signals in the application of trade timing and builds his talk from the book, “The Wisdom of Crowds” by James Surowecki. Surowecki makes the argument that large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant.